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Pre-Wired ENTERPRISE REFIT 1701  Intermediate Lighting System

new and improved for 2019!

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 This is our WARP 5 Series lighting system. Like our WARP 1 Series v3.2 basic lighting system, this system is Plug n Play which means you won’t have to solder or calculate anything. All of the work is done for you! All you need to do is prepare your model for lighting.

Like the V3.2 system, this system is made up of pre-wired units. It contains SMD adhesive Light Strips as well as standard LEDs, resistors, wire, and plugs & sockets. There is also a completely pre-wired setup for your display base which contains 2 momentary switches and 1 DC power jack for the power supply, but what makes this system a definite upgrade from our v3.2 basic version is that it
 features the famous dry dock startup light sequence from the famous scene in the first Trek film right before the Enterprise leaves Earth orbit. We redesigned the control board to be smaller than the previous v4.0 system. It is still designed to fit within the secondary hull except it is now accessible and removable 


It works with 2 momentary push button switches. The first switch activates mode 1 which is the dry dock startup sequence. The sequence begins with the windows or interior/cabin lighting and RCS thrusters. It then goes through the entire light sequence as seen in the movie and ends in 'impulse mode' with the impulse engines ramping up 5 seconds later.  The second switch activates mode 2 which is 'warp mode.' The amber deflector, amber impulse crystal, and impulse engines all ramp down at the same time and the blue deflector, blue impulse crystal and blue warp nacelles ramp up in their place. When the second switch is pushed again it switches back to impulse mode, all while the floodlighting, strobes and running lights remain active like in the movie.

Finally it includes a full color installation guide in printable Adobe PDF format that will be emailed to customers upon order. It contains crystal clear color photos that will guide you, step by step, from preparation of the model to installation of the lighting system. It also includes supplemental instructions for the self-illuminating floodlighting for the main registry numbers on the upper and lower saucer section of your Refit Enterprise model. 

The lighting system features full interior lighting, including the Cargo/Shuttle Bay, the VIP Lounge, and the Botanical Gardens. It includes working strobes and running lights accurately timed. 



 Your Choice of Blue or Violet Warp Grills

This system is made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks to complete before shipping!

Please see our youtube video below for a real-time demonstration of the lighting effects. 

NOTE: As a result of camera over exposure the lighting may appear brighter in the video. The actual lighting is to scale.


IMG_0356 4.1 example
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rear amber
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