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Hollow Pole Mount
 and $3.00 shipping in the North America
 and $9.00 shipping Worldwide

Product Description
This 8 inch long copper pole mount is hollow and will fit within the pre-drilled hole on the aft deflector housing on the 1/350 scale Refit/ENTERPRISE-A. This pole mount is great for running wiring through and is compatible with all of our plug n play lighting kits. 

This item also fits the 1/350 NX-01 and 1/1400 scale AMT/ERTL ENTERPRISE-D

NOTE: This item is FREE when you order our Warp 1, Warp 5 or Warp 8 Series Lighting Systems and the Shuttle Bay Lights Unit

Product Features

    -Ready to use
    -Made of copper
    -8" long by 1/4" diameter

$29.00 Free shipping in the U.S.
$29.00 + $5.00 shipping worldwide
Pre-Wired Pole Mount

Product Description
This item is great for modelers who would like to easily mount a lighted 1/350 scale Refit/ENTERPRISE-A to a custom base.

This item fits the 1/350 scale ENTERPRISE-A, 1/350 NX-01 and 1/1400 scale AMT/ERTL ENTERPRISE-D

Product Features

  • Pre-wired, ready to use

  • Made of copper

  • 6" long by 5/8" diameter

  • Includes a pre-wired female connector mounted on one end

  • Includes a separate pre-wired male
    4 pin connector and allows for 2 circuits

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