Models Built By Our Customers Using TrekModeler & MaskDesign Products

See Our Products In Action With Actual Model Builds By Our Customers As Well As Their Feedback

Special Thanks to our customers for allowing us to showcase their work and share their feedback here! 

PL: 1/350 USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 REFIT (TMP) model built by Richard Wheatley

With TME Warp 8 Series Lights & Sounds System and MaskDesign Full Mask Kit for 1979 Version TMP ENTERPRISE REFIT

Port 3/4 View Impulse Mode 

richard andrew wheatly refit.jpg

Port 3/4 View Warp Mode (Blue) 


Port 3/4 View Warp Mode (Violet) 


Video of the display model shot in low light showcasing the lights and sound effects.  

Video of model shot in daylight to showcase paint effects.

And one more showcasing hull paneling effect

PL: 1/350 USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 REFIT (TMP) model built by James E. Small of

With TME Warp 5 Series ENTERPRISE 1701 REFIT Lighting System 

Starboard 3/4 View 


Starboard side View


Impulse and Warp Modes Port Side


Viewed from Astern in Impulse Mode


Viewed from Astern in Warp Mode


Revell 1/500 JJ ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 model built by Paul Rowley

With TME JJprise FX Board Set 

Video Showing Strobes and Formation Lights as well the Bussards

Our Customer Francis's First Impression Upon Receiving

His Warp 8 Series ENTERPRISE 1701 REFIT Plug-N-Play System

Hi there!


I trust you are well. Just to let you know I finally got the package, and let me tell you it is STUNNING! I tested the lights to see all was in working order and I am blown away, i can't wait to get this installed in my Enterprise! 


Thank you ever so much for offering this kit, especially since my soldering is not great so putting this all together was easy. Well done to you and your team! I can leave a review on your website if you have such an option.


God bless and stay safe!


A very satisfied customer.


Best regards



PL: 1/350 USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 REFIT (TMP) model built by TrekModeler Team 

With Custom In House Lighting Setup 

Forward 3/4 View Impulse Mode

000_0892 - Copy.JPG

Forward 3/4 View Warp Mode

000_0775 - Copy - Copy.JPG

Quick Demo 

PL: 1/350 USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-A As Seen In (TUC) Model Built By Richard Wheatley

Paint Work Done Using The TM 1701 / 1701-A Paint Guide And MaskDesign Full Mask Kit for 1991 Version TUC ENTERPRISE 1701-A

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Photos Of Model With Filming Model Above For Reference
DB247E13-BF11-41FF-BBF1-7773EF9D1701 (1)

Revell 1/677 Scale USS VOYAGER NCC-74656 By Marcos Goldchain

With TME Plug N Play Lighting System for the 1/677 Scale Voyager Model Kit

Full 1 : 1 Scale TOS Command Chair Control Panel By Andrew Lehtola 

With Custom Built Electronics System