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Refit 1701/1701-A Shuttle Bay Landing Lights Unit

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$49.00 plus $7.00 shipping in North America

$49.00 Plus $12.00 Worldwide shipping

NEW and Improved for 2020!
Refit Enterprise Shuttle Bay Sequential Landing Lights Board

Product Description
This unit replicates the shuttle bay landing lights sequence seen in the movies. It consists of 2 boards, a control board and an LED attachment. The unit is small enough to fit almost anywhere in the Polar Lights 1/350 scale Refit Enterprise 1701/1701-A model. However, it was designed to fit best in the aft most chambers of the secondary hull belly section. It drives two rows of  6 LEDs (12 LEDs) total. 

It is a stand alone board, but it was also designed to hook up to all of our boards and lighting kits. 

-The board hooks up to our lighting kits via positive and negative wire terminals.
-The board can be tied into another lighting system and powered, as long as it is 9V DC.
-The board can also be powered with an independent 9V DC wall transformer or even a 9 volt battery.

Product Features

-Assembled and ready to hook up
-Low Profile
-Drives two sets of 6 LEDs
-Instructions PDF included

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