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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products include warranty?

Yes. All of our products have warranty attached to them. Our Plug n Play kits have a 1 year warranty while our FX boards have a 5 year warranty.


Do you combine shipping for multiple items ordered/purchased?

Yes! We will combine shipping for customers whether in the U.S. or overseas for multiple orders/purchases. Just email us prior to placing your order.


Do you offer customer service?

Since the beginning we have provided customer service, support, repairs and have modified and even replaced some of our products to the satisfaction of each of our customers.


Are the circuit boards designed by Trekmodeler?

Yes, all circuits are designed and built by Trekmodeler.


Do you offer any modification to your lighting kits?

Yes, Trekmodeler offers a certain amount of modifications of a minor nature to all our plug n play lighting kits.





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