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This new FX board was designed to replicate the actual JJPRISE CG model's lighting effects. It comes in 3 pieces, the main control board measures 1 3/4" X 2 1/2"

The 2 round Bussard spinner boards each measure 1" in diameter and come fully assembled and are plug n play. The board set as a whole comes fully assembled and ready for hook up. The customer must provide the rest of the LEDs to light up the model.

This board set was designed for the 1/500  scale Revell model kit.

The main control board is small enough to fit within the model(specifically the saucer section) or in the base.

Boards come with headers soldered in place and come with pre-wired plugs for easy connections.

3 momentary switches will be included.

The actual board set shown in the pictures above. It runs on 9-12V. It is powerful enough to drive all of the LEDs required to light up the entire model. LED strips can be tied into the board for ambient interior/static/window lighting which is a pretty unique feature.

Manual PDF file will be sent by email after purchase!

$105.00 + $8.00 shipping in the U.S

$105.00 + $10.00 shipping worldwide

FX Include:

-Terminal for ALL ambient interior lighting as well as static lighting throughout the ship

-Inward rotating Bussard effects

-Signature Flashing Double Strobes

-Blinking Navigation Lights

-Impulse Power Mode(impulse engines flicker/throb while rear warp engine exhausts are active at minimal brightness)

-Warp Mode(impulse engines fade off while rear warp engine exhausts increase brightness to full)

-Weapons Firing Sequence(phasers and photon torpedo firing effects)

-All effects are accurately timed and sequenced per the CG model.

Please see the demo videos for actual effects.

Comes with evrything you see in the picture!

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