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Product Description
This circuit board set replicates the lighting effects of the ENTERPRISE NX-01 as seen on TV. This set is made up of 3 boards. One main control board and 2 circular Bussard boards. The main board measures 1.4" X 2.5"  which makes it small enough to fit almost anywhere in the Polar Lights 1/350 scale Enterprise NX-01 model. The 2 circular boards measure approx. 1" diameter. The main board controls the strobes and running lights to flash and blink as per the CG miniature. It also features a separate switch to activate the phase cannons and photonic torpedoes programmed firing sequence. Last but not least the 2 circular boards accurately simulate the signature 'spinning lava' effect for the Bussard domes. SET INCLUDES 1 TOGGLE SWITCH AND 2 MOMENTARY SWITCHES.

NOTE: Window and interior lighting are not directly controlled by the board functions but by a separate Toggle Switch which is included.


 The board can be powered with an independent 9-12V DC wall transformer or even a 9 volt battery. LEDs and Power supply not included.

$79.00 Plus
 $7.00 shipping in the U.S.
$79.00 plus $14.00 Worldwide Shipping

Product Features

  • Assembled and ready to hook up

  • Main Board Measures 1.4" X 2.5" (Assembled)

  • 2 Circular Boards with (6) 3mm red LEDs 1" Diameter (Assembled)

  • (2) 22" Ribbon Cables Attached to the 2 Circular Bussard Boards with Plugs

  • Headers and Plugs For Easy Board Connections

  • 1 Toggle Switch(main switch)

  • 2 Momentary Switches

  • Instructions Manual PDF file (emailed)

  • Low Profile (fits almost anywhere inside the model or display base)

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