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Wireless Controlled Advanced Lights and Sounds System 

For the 1:350 Scale ENTERPRISE 1701 REFIT and ENTERPRISE 1701-A

new warp 8 series system for 2019!


Introducing our WARP 8 Series Advanced Lights and Sounds System. Like our WARP 1 and WARP 5 Series 1:350 ENTERPRISE REFIT electronic systems it is Plug n Play which means no soldering required. However what makes this system unique is it is wirelessly controlled and features high quality stereo sound effects.

This system is made up of pre-wired interconnecting units that include smd strip lighting as well as standard LEDs. The system's  main control board is designed to be mounted within the drive section of the Enterprise 1/350 model and is fully accessible and removable. It includes a sound board which is designed to be mounted under the stock display base or a custom display base. The sound board has a 3.5mm stereo socket for plugging in your stereo sound system or PC speakers. Finally, this system includes a custom remote controller with movie era computer interface graphics. One version is designed for the Enterprise Refit and another version is designed for the Enterprise-A.  


A PDF (printer friendly) full color Installation Guide for preparation of the model and installation of the lights and sounds system will be emailed to customers. 

This system features full interior illumination including the cargo/shuttle bay, Officer's/VIP Lounge and the Botanical Gardens as well as accurately timed strobes and running lights. It features an Intro Sequence, Power up Sequence, Standby Mode, Impulse Cruise Mode, Warp Cruise Mode, Warp Drop Mode, Tactical Mode with working Photon and Phaser firing effects as well as Red Alert Mode.


Choose between the Enterprise 1701 Refit or the Enterprise 1701-A!

Our Shuttle Bay FX Board is compatible with this system(A new version of the shuttle bay board is also in the works.) Shuttle Bay FX Board SOLD SEPARATELY! 


This is a hand made lights and sounds system. Please allow 6-8 weeks to complete.  For full Real-Time Demonstrations of the lights and sounds system for each ship, please view our youtube video below!


v5.0 main background pic
000_0263 - Copywa
tmg-11 actual lighting system speakers n
tmg-12 custom remote controls
pub shot - Copys
000_0813 - Copy
rear amber - Copyab
000_0896 (3)g - Copy - Copy
000_0844 - Copy - Copy
tmg-9 1701-A
tmg-10 1701-A
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