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Refit Enterprise Drydock Sequence FX Board

$75.00 + $10.00 shipping worldwide

This is our new Refit 1701 Drydock Startup Sequence FX Board.  It's function was designed to mimic the famous drydock startup sequence from the first movie right before the Enterprise was depicted to leave the drydock in Earth orbit.

  The board measures 2.5 inches X 1.6 inches (or 6.4mm X 4.1mm). It is a pretty small board with a low profile designed to fit in the forward most chamber of the secondary hull belly area right above the botanical garden guide pin however it can also be installed in your display base.

  It works with 2 momentary push button switches. The first switch activates mode 1 which is the actual startup sequence. The sequence begins with the windows or ambient interior lighting, thrusters and torpedo tube static lighting. It goes through the entire sequence as seen in the movie and ends up in 'impulse mode' with the impulse engines ramping up 5 seconds later.

  The second switch activates mode 2 which is 'warp mode.' The orange/amber deflector, orange/amber impulse crystal, and impulse engines all ramp down and the blue deflector, blue impulse crystal and blue warp nacelles ramp up in their place. When the second switch is pushed again it switches back to impulse mode, all while the floodlighting, strobes and running lights remain on as per the movie.

  It runs on 9V-12V and works very well with lots of LED strips. This board comes pre-assembled and ready to use. Just connect your LEDs in the proper order to the terminals on the board and you'll have the effect that you see in the video demo. The board comes with 2 pre-wired bi-color LEDs, and Momentary Switches. Now redesigned with easy header/plug hook up. Instructions are simple and well illustrated in color and will be emailed to customers in printable PDF format.

 This board was designed to fit within the 1/350 scale Polar Lights Refit Enterprise model kit. However the effects  may be adapted to the smaller Refit model kits such as the 1/1000 and 1/537 scale versions and will fit in your display base.

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