NEW! 2021 Edition with Updated Acrylic Paints List & More!

Completed 1/350 Scale Enterprise 1701 (Refit) Gallery

Product Description
 With this guide you will be able to recreate the beautiful paint effect that was achieved on the 9ft studio filming model built for Star Trek TMP.



Product Features

  • Guide includes 154 pages with color illustrations, diagrams and pictures
    for painting the REFIT ENTERPRISE

  • Guide also contains instructions for painting the ENTERPRISE-A

  • Painting guide can also be used for the 1/535 scale AMT/ERTL Refit Enterprise

  • Listing of the paints and supplies with
    Updated Acrylic Paints List For 2021

  • Guide is provided in printable PDF format

  • PDF guide will be emailed to customers within 24 hours of purchase

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